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Henry Stimpson’s PR and Marketing Tips
October 2002

How to Double the Value of Bylined Articles

Having an article published by one of your firm’s executives or technical experts—or even one of your company’s clients—is one of the most reliable and powerful PR techniques. You can write exactly what you want to say, without worrying that a reporter might garble your message. It’s a great way to position your people and your company as thought leaders.

Once the article has been published, how can you get the most value from it? Make reprints and post the article or link on your Web site, of course. But don’t overlook something quite simple: issuing a news release summarizing the article.

If you think that such a news release won’t get published, you’re right. But if you use a service like Business Wire or PR Newswire, your release can reach many thousands of readers and potential clients directly via the Internet. This can bring your article much more attention than its original publication in a trade or business magazine.

And the release can generate additional media coverage. For instance, we recently wrote and distributed a release about an article published by an attorney at a prominent law firm. Within hours, he was interviewed by an influential reporter, who saw the release on the Web.

One word of caution: check with the magazine editor before sending out the release so you won’t step on anyone’s toes.

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