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Henry Stimpson’s PR and Marketing Tips
March 2004

Email: Short Messages Can Yield Big Results With Media

With email you have less space to make your points than in print. Every word must be easy to read and convey real information. Baloney gets sliced fast.

Today’s media are tougher to reach because they receive a deluge of phone calls, press releases, newsletters and email. Nevertheless, your message can stand out. Start out with a catchy subject line of eight words, maximum, that doesn’t convey even the slightest odor of spam.

Even big-time reporters will respond if you send them an email that gives them a provocative or fun story idea.

For instance, we recently emailed reporters with a story idea called “Trump trumped?” offering a trademark lawyer’s comments on The Donald’s recent attempt to trademark “You’re fired.” It quickly brought an interview from BusinessWeek—and the reporter wasn’t even on our list. A colleague passed it on.

Another broadcast email for an investment manager garnered an interview from Jane Bryant Quinn’s associate at Newsweek because it offered good questions to ask any private investment manager.

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