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Henry Stimpson’s PR and Marketing Tips
May 2005

Make a Real Impact: Achieve Critical Mass With a Three-Pronged Approach

How can you tell if your PR program has lasting value? There are a couple of categories you should be aiming for: “industry leader” and “thought leader.” The two mean similar things, but the first is usually applied to organizations while the second to individuals.

The terms mean that the organization or person is a known entity—a force to be reckoned with in the field. And public relations can get you there through a three-pronged approach:

. Consistent media coverage. Your organization and its key people are mentioned regularly in the news media—an implicit third-party endorsement.
. Bylined articles. Articles by you or others in your organization occur regularly in trade and business publications.
. Speaking appearances. You or your experts speak at industry forums.

Put all three together, and you’ll find that 1+1+1 equals more than 3. As a recognized leader, you’ll find that people will seek out your services. And each of the three areas builds on one another—the more media coverage you get, the more requests for articles you receive and the more opportunities to speak arise.
One of our clients said a prospect told him: “I see your articles in all the top magazines, and I went to your last seminar. That’s why I called you.”

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