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Henry Stimpson’s PR and Marketing Tips
July 2002

Five Steps to More Effective Press Releases

1. Make it a real news story. The news media won’t run free advertisements lightly disguised as news releases. Superlatives and fluff just hide the real news editors and reporters are hungry for. Feed them meat and they’ll bite!

2. Customize your releases according to your audience. Let’s say you have a new service or product that’s of interest to both your distributors and your customers. An effective release for the trade publications will read differently than the version for consumer media.

3. Make the writing clean and easy to understand at first glance.

4. Maintain well-tended, up-to-date mailing lists that include everyone who’s relevant. Make sure to include freelance writers on your lists and maintain separate lists of consumer and trade media.

5. Supplement your own lists with distribution via Business Wire, PR Newswire or a similar service. For a reasonable price, these services will distribute your release to both consumer and trade media—and, perhaps most important, to thousands of web sites worldwide.

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