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Henry Stimpson’s PR and Marketing Tips
Fall 2009

Twitter Hasn't Replaced The Wall Street Journal

There's so much excitement about the social media that it seems many people think that all you need in your PR tool chest is Facebook and Twitter.

Guess what? Most people don't get their news from Facebook. And Twitter isn't the sole communication channel in America. Most people still read trade magazines and Web sites, still watch news on TV instead of YouTube and still read newspapers, whether the inky or digital variety.

This point was brought home to me when I spoke to a new client who just signed up with us. Several PR consultants submitted proposals. The client, who offers an online vocabulary-building service, said he chose us because we were the only one who offered a detailed plan to get them coverage in the news media.

All the others talked only about "going viral" and the like—but this young company already knew how to do that quite well, thank you. Traditional PR was what they didn't know how to do.

Amplifying Coverage with Social Media

Many companies are effectively leveraging their media coverage with social media. For instance, one company I work with immediately republishes their bylined articles on its Facebook fan page. One audience can read the stories in a trade magazine while another can read them on Facebook.

And when you get an article published or good coverage in the news media, you also can alert people through LinkedIn, a blog and perhaps Twitter.

Television and radio didn't wipe out print. The Web didn't make broadcast media obsolete. It's the same with social media: they're supplementing traditional media.

Should you ignore social media? Well, no. Just don't fall for the myth that it's the only thing that matters.

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