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Henry Stimpson’s PR and Marketing Tips
Spring 2011

Social Media Can Double the Impact of Media Coverage

Use social media to double the impact of your media placements—to leverage and extend the lifespan of coverage in print, on the Web, and on radio and TV.


Make sure every key person in your organization has a LinkedIn profile and updates it regularly. Every time anyone is quoted in the news media or has an article published, he or she should note that on LinkedIn and include a link to the coverage.

And set your LinkedIn updates so they automatically feed into Twitter.


Some people also use their personal Facebook page to promote their business. But most experts say it's best to keep your personal page personal.

Just ask Tom Valovic, our social networking consultancy.

"Offering a Facebook business page to customers is much better than using an individual profile," Tom says. "For one thing there's no risk of Facebook shutting down your page, which can result in a loss of all your contacts.

"And business pages now offer an analytics feature called Insights, the ability to embed a Like button, and the ability to have an unlimited number of fans or Likes."

And use your Facebook company page just like LinkedIn to let your fans know about your media triumphs.

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