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Henry Stimpson’s PR and Marketing Tips
Spring 2010

The Long and Short of Story Ideas

When I first started sending the media story ideas, I stuck to a short-but-sweet approach—a couple of sentences.

But over the years—despite my preference for short communications—I've lengthened them. Now most story ideas I sent out for clients are around 400 words or more.

The news media are always looking for new story angles to pursue. They have to fill up their pages—both print and online—with new content every hour, day and week.

That's where you come in. By providing them with fresh ideas, you become an invaluable resource to them.

What's a story idea?

It's a trend piece.

Like press releases, story ideas can be mass emailed and sent individually too. That's one reason why they work—you can reach out to hundreds of reporters and editors at once.

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