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Henry Stimpson’s PR and Marketing Tips
Winter 2009

Top Five Ways to Give Your Company Continuing Presence in the News Media

1. Cultivate relationships with journalists
Get to know reporters, editors and bloggers who cover your industry, learn what they’re interested in and stay in touch. Listen—don’t always pitch your story. Be friendly and helpful.

2. Publish expert articles
Business and trade publications—print and online—are always looking for contributed articles. Writing and publishing bylined articles is one of the best ways to position you and your organization as industry leaders and thoughtleaders. Maximize the impact of published stories with reprints and Web links.

3. Keep current with editorial calendars
Editorial calendars say when publications will focus on a topic. Let reporters and editors know when you can offer expert commentary or articles on the topics they’re researching.

4. Develop and send story ideas and news releases
Email targeted, provocative story ideas and news releases regularly to selected media. Make sure they’re concise, information-packed and puff-free. Bonus tip: for more coverage online, supplement your distribution by using a paid wire service.

5. Respond to ProfNet and HARO inquiries
More reporters locate expert sources through two services: ProfNet and HARO. Monitor each at least thrice daily and follow up promptly when you or a colleague can fill the bill.

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