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Henry Stimpson’s PR and Marketing Tips
Winter 2010

Simple Mistakes Can Wreck Your Website

Most organizations put a lot of work into their website. It's strange how many otherwise decent sites have problems that can negate all that hard work and effort.

My pet peeve is eye-straining type—a teeny tiny font. Why make readers get out a microscope? Not everyone is a 20-something with 20-20 vision. It doesn't cost anything to use a normal-size font.

Reverse type—white type on a black background—is also tough to read. When I see a page in reverse type I usually quit immediately. It's not worth the effort.

Hard-to-find contact information is common. The user is on the site and wants to email or talk to someone—and it's a big struggle to find how to do that.

Another frequent problem with niche-oriented businesses is making the reader struggle to figure out just what your core services or product offerings are.

Indentifying and Fixing Errors—New Service

It's helpful to have an outside set of keen eyes take a look at your site. But where can you find them without spending a fortune?

We now offer website reviews—and they're remarkably cost-effective and affordable.

Provided by an affiliate, our comprehensive website evaluation determines how effectively your site is performing for your specific market segment. It assesses both the creative and IT aspects of your website and how well it aligns with your overall strategic marketing objectives.

The evaluation considers a host of features and attributes to arrive at a series of recommendations for site improvement. These include visual appeal, contemporary look and feel, user friendliness and interaction, content, appearance, and overall design.

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